We are a mission mobilized church.

We want people to know us by how well we love Tulsa and the world around us. We support and serve alongside strategic partners to share Christ locally and globally. We will go across the street or around the world to share the gospel because it has changed us and it changes everything!

Upcoming Short-Term Mission Trips

The Kirk sends multiple mission teams overseas every year to share the love and Gospel of Jesus. The Kirk travels to several countries including Costa Rica, Honduras, Kenya, Macedonia, Mexico, Mongolia and more! With the current COVID-19 pandemic, we will not be sending any mission teams overseas this year. 

Kirk Outreach

The Kirk’s members have started ministries in Tulsa and the surrounding areas in an effort to help others in our community.

Want to help or learn more about one of the following causes? Click the title to email the group leader.

Albanians in Macedonia Outreach

The Presbytery recently adopted ethnic Albanians living in Macedonia as their unreached people group. Their goal is to plant a church among this group by 2025.

If you are interested in receiving prayer requests concerning the Albanian speaking Macedonians, please click the button below.

Mission Giving

Kirk Missions and Outreach encourages and provides resources for the people who support the work of the Lord locally, regionally, and around the world. We do this by providing financial, emotional, spiritual, and physical support to those doing the Lord’s work, as well as those in need. By doing this, we grow together in the context of service, overcoming challenges along the way.