Prayer for Upcoming Mission Trips

Read this page for information on upcoming mission trips and how you can specifically be praying for them. Click the link below to learn about what is happening from day-to-day and how you can continue to pray!

Team Members: Amy, Bryan, Earlyne, Gordon, Janice, Jera, Jim, Kaylee, Kerrie, Marti, Mike, Missy, Tom

July 22-29

Costa Rica

The team will be traveling to Pejibaye (population 3,500) in the province of Cartago, seventy-five miles east of San Jose to work with Carlos and Rosario Cordero, long time missionaries from The Kirk, in their support of Pastor Adolfo, and Sheila and Adisha, his wife and daughter. Their church, Pan de Vida (Bread of Life) has about eighty members. The team will serve the women, the men, the children, and the high schoolers through relationship building events throughout the week. The team will also assist with some construction activities at the home of Adolfo and Sheila. Throughout the various events of the week each team member will have the opportunity to share their testimonies on how God has worked in their lives to strengthen their faith.  The people of Costa Rica are warm and friendly, and we look forward to making many new friends.

    Prayer Requests

    1. Pray for each team member to feel God’s glory as they leave their home and travel to live with those they don’t know and don’t share a common language with.  Pray that each team member will be able to leave their Tulsa activities and responsibilities behind for one week to be able to see the Lord at work in each of us.

    2. Pray for the members of the church to be encouraged by our presence and our love, and to feel God’s spirit as we build friendships and serve God and one another.

    3. Pray that Pastor Adolfo and his wife Sheila, and our missionaries, Carlos and Rosario Cordero, will be strengthened and encouraged by our presence, our support, and our love.

    Mission Giving

    Kirk Missions and Outreach encourages and provides resources for the people who support the work of the Lord locally, regionally, and around the world. We do this by providing financial, emotional, spiritual, and physical support to those doing the Lord’s work, as well as those in need. By doing this, we grow together in the context of service, overcoming challenges along the way.