Prayer for Upcoming Mission Trips

Read this page for information on upcoming mission trips and how you can specifically be praying for them.

June 13-22

Supporting Centerwill

The team will be spending some of their time helping construct a small home for a widow who has been living in the worst of conditions. They will also take time to help with small repairs around the Centerwill orphanage (Centerwill Village). Finally, they will be bring the food and the gospel to a nomadic tribe living in the “Bush” of Kenya.

The Team

Team members include: Allison, David, Darrell, Derek, Karis, Roland, Sarah

Prayer Requests

1. Pray that no team member contracts Covid before or during the trip.
2. Pray that they don’t have any flight cancellations, which is increasingly more common lately.
3. Pray that the Lord guides their thoughts and words throughout the trip, and that they notice the little details where God may be calling us that might be a little “off-script”.

Mission Giving

Kirk Missions and Outreach encourages and provides resources for the people who support the work of the Lord locally, regionally, and around the world. We do this by providing financial, emotional, spiritual, and physical support to those doing the Lord’s work, as well as those in need. By doing this, we grow together in the context of service, overcoming challenges along the way.