We are a Church Transformed by Christ to Transform the World

Our Values & Measures


Worship Centered

Demonstrated by placing personal and corporate devotion to God at the center of life.

Measure: How am I expressing devotion to God this week?


Prayer Saturated

Demonstrated by increasing dependence on God’s direction and provision through a prayer saturated life.

Measure: What am I talking with God about these days?


Bible Grounded

Demonstrated by grounding everything we believe, say and do on God’s authoritative Word.

Measure: What Scripture is guiding my thoughts today?


Relationship Focused

Demonstrated by focusing environments on developing healthy, God-honoring relationships.

Measure: Who am I helping grow spiritually?


Gospel Driven

Demonstrated by a driven passion to have gospel conversations with people who are disconnected from God and the church.

Measure: With whom did I have a recent gospel conversation?


Generosity Filled

Demonstrated by an overflowing desire to invest time and money in the life and mission of the church.

Measure: How am I investing time and money in God’s work?


Mission Mobilized

Demonstrated by lives compelled to go and participate in sharing Christ locally and globally.

Measure: Where am I going to do Kingdom work?

Our Strategy

The Kirk strategy map directs both long-term members and first time visitors where to go to engage in the transformation process.
A print version of The Kirk’s Vision, Values, Strategy and Beyond the Horizon goal is available by clicking here.