Sundays at The Kirk

Learn more about what you can expect this weekend.

What to Expect

We have plenty of parking on both the east and west sides of the building. Members of our hospitality team will greet you at the door and are happy to help in any way. If you have kids birth through high school, they will need to check-in in our main lobby across from the Worship Center. Ministry for kids Birth through Pre-K is on the main floor near the East Entrance, Kindergarten through 5th grade meet on the second floor, and Students in 6th – 12th grade meet in the basement. The only exception is family Sundays, which are the first Sunday of every month. On these weeks, everyone Kindergarten and older will begin the morning in the Worship Center.

The Gathering

If you want some coffee before service, make your way to the Gathering, near the west entrance at the Bell Tower. Feel free to bring your coffee with you into the Worship Center. After service, you will want to visit our Information Center in the lobby, where our hospitality team would love to give you a gift to thank you for coming to visit. 

Traditional Worship – 9:00AM

(In-Person or Online)

This service includes singing hymns, prayers, Scripture readings, a biblical sermon and other liturgical elements. The musical style is traditional, featuring the organ, piano, brass and woodwind accompaniment, and occasionally our bell choir.

Modern Worship – 10:30AM

(In-Person or Online)

This service features new songs and old hymns, all led by a modern band with drums, guitars, keys, and other instruments. The style is more casual, but our approach to God and his Word are very serious. This service still draws from some of the ancient practices of the church done in a fresh and new way.

Answers to your questions

How long is a typical service?

Both our Traditional Worship and Modern Worship service lasts around 60 minutes. In each service, you’ll have a time to worship God through song, hear the Bible taught, and connect with others.

Will I be singled out in service?
Absolutely not! We know everyone comes into church at their own pace. If you are new to The Kirk, stop by our Information Center, which is located right outside the Worship Center. There someone from our Hospitality Team will greet you and be happy to show you around the church. Stop by The Gathering for a coffee, to talk with others, and to find more information about The Kirk. We can’t wait to meet you and show you what we are all about!
What's available for my kids/students?
Children and students are a huge part of our church! Each Sunday morning we have service options available for them so they can learn the Bible on their level. Click the links below to learn more about what’s available:

Children (Birth – 6th grade)
Students (7th – 12th grade)

Do you have anything for Special Needs?

We do! We want everyone to feel welcomed each time we open our doors. We have Special Buds available in both services for children and adults with developmental disabilities. Stop by our Information Center before service and we will have someone from our Hospitality Team take you where you need to go.

We also have Special Needs ministries for adults throughout the week. Learn more here.