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Experience the life God designed you to have.

The Kirk is a grace-filled place to find connection with God, community with others, and your calling to serve.

Connect with God in worship.

This is your opportunity to learn more about who we are and our unique expression of worship.

Find community with others.

Through small groups, you will be able to connect with others and share life together.

Discover ways to serve.

By serving others, you will learn more about who God created you to be.

4102 East 61st Street, Tulsa, OK.

Sundays at The Kirk

Traditional Worship
9:00 a.m.

Contemporary Worship
11:00 a.m.


Life is busy.

Make the most of it.

We understand how busy life can be and know you’re trying really hard to balance everything on your plate. There’s so much going on and quite frankly, we all feel like we’re stretched a little too thin.

But to experience the life God has for us, we need to be in relationship with God and with other people. For several generations, The Kirk has been helping people just like you grow in their faith and get the most out of life. 

We don’t want you to miss out on the life you were designed to have. You’re invited to join us this weekend to start becoming the person you were created to be.

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Current Sermon Series

Uniquely United

In a time of intense division over race, politics, and many other issues, the gospel is a unique unifying force in our world. We are a people that are Uniquely United by the grace of Jesus. As the church, we have the potential to come together in true love and mutual respect with a depth and quality that can’t be found elsewhere. Yet, our ethnic and cultural experiences also offer our community a beautiful and diverse expression of God’s image in humanity. We are both uniquely created by God and united in His family; we are Uniquely United.

volunteers & donations needed

Thanksgiving Boxes

This year we will be packing and distributing Thanksgiving boxes with Kirk Crossing on Thursday and Friday evenings, November 12 & 13. Setup, which entails of unpacking food pallets (about 2 hours) will take place at Kirk Crossing the evening of November 12. We will pack the individual boxes (2 – 4 hours) the evening of the November 13. On Monday morning, November 16, we will need a few people with pickups to deliver the boxes to the schools we are supporting this year.  

We want to have enough food to pack about 100 boxes at an estimated cost of $50 per basket. If you would like to make a donation of any amount toward the Thanksgiving boxes, please click here.

Please contact Rick Hebard at rrhebard@gmail.com if you or your small group are interested in participating.