Collin Grant - July 17, 2022


Scripture References: Exodus 3:1-15

From Series: "The God Who Calls"

Understanding God’s call on our lives can sometimes be a confusing and difficult journey. We often feel inadequate to do what we sense God is asking us to do. Yet, we can know in these moments that we are in good company. When we read Scripture, it’s easy to miss the complication and human struggle that came with receiving a call from God to step out and do something significant for Him. In this series, we will study the calling stories of several people recorded in the Bible. We will discover that their stories reveal important details about God’s character, perspective, and plan. Those truths can help us trust him when we are feeling called to step out in faith to do something new, hard or uncomfortable for his Kingdom. Suddenly our calling seems more possible when we take our eyes off of ourselves as the ones who are called and focus on The God who Calls.

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