Aaron Elmore - March 3, 2024


Faithful to the Finish

Scripture References: Revelation 14:6-13

From Series: "Faithful to the Finish"

The book of Revelation is clouded in mystery for many Christians. It is easy to get confused or lost in the details. Yet, this book can be incredibly valuable when we understand its primary purpose as a rich discipleship tool to encourage all believers in all times and places to be faithful to the finish. This book was written to remind us that in the midst of the challenges and struggles of life, history is headed toward an incredible conclusion. In the end, God will fully redeem everything that was lost when sin entered the world at the beginning of the story. All that has been lost will be redeemed, and we will one day enjoy a fully restored relationship with God and others in a redeemed creation. This hope of future glory equips us to faithfully follow Jesus today! Join us for this series and invite someone who doesn’t have a church home.

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